What if…. you could write yourself a swimming pool…

If you have a big enough list and a product to sell…

You have the potential to write an email that could pay for your swimming pool… 

Or any other item that you wish to purchase 🙂 

It’s a kind of magic trick,

That some people have been taking advantage of for a while now! 

However, the reality is…

It does not start out that way, 

It takes effort,

To acquire a list…

To gain trust with that list.

I’m going to share with you 2 ways to start building your list

1/ Is with Paid traffic, an example of this is if you pay Facebook to send traffic to your website and the user gives their email.

Note Facebook ads can cost you $1-$10 dollars per user’s email that you get…

This can be very expensive to get started! But still possible… 

2/ The next way is with Free traffic that you can earn, some examples of this would be…

Doing a podcast, creating a blog,

As well as being a guest on someone else’s! 

When one the podcast you would then send them to a website to find out more info about you and get their email.

Once you have done these and had users opt-in (they give you their email address), this would now be your list and is considered traffic you own..

Why is a list, traffic that you own? 

Because any time you like, you can send them an email, 

Which creates instant traffic to a website!

Now, what if you want your own list but don’t have so much time or money to invest… 

Well here is where this new system comes in! 

It only costs $1 per day….

For the $1 you get:

  • A minimum of 100 new email addresses every day!
  • You are also able to email those contacts once a day.

What If… you don’t have anything to sell?

  • You can sell this system to the contacts, that you get from the system!!
  • You can also sell your own products and services! 

So… for $1 per day, you start building your own list,

This could be the opportunity you have been looking for!! 

There is a catch though…

  • It is not free
  • You will need to put in some time to send emails.

If this is something that interests you…

You can get started by clicking the link below.


Kind Regards,

James Wrest

P.S If you have any questions or sign up and need help with anything… for example you are not sure what to send your new list! 

You can reach out to me on facebook here 


I would be more than happy to help Close