This book was published 50 years ago and it still gave me some aha moments!

Here are some of the key points I found interesting…

  • Your job is only a short term solution for a long-term problem.
  • Learn how money can work for you and not you for it!
  • Life teaches you, buy pushing you around.
  • Money will not solve your problems.
  • Wait… and use the profit from assets to buy luxuries.
  • Most people cast the blame on others instead of taking responsibility for themselves  
  • The difference between an asset or a liability is… one puts money in your pocket the other empties it.
  • The rich focus on buying assets, whereas the poor buy liabilities they think are assets

It’s from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, have you read it…

I liked this story in the book, where Robert went to work at Rich Dad’s shop for free…. 

Because he worked for free Robert was forced to think outside the box to make some money.

What did Robert notice…

The shop was throwing away magazines that they didn’t sell.

Robert arranged a deal to get these magazines to create a library, 

He then hired his sister to manage it…

And made, about 9 dollars a week (back then this is a lot)

While working for free at the shop! 

I found that it helped to inspire me to search for ways to,

Create additional income,

Where I was not trading time for dollars! 

Here is the link to the new opportunity I found


James Wrest